Is Math difficult?

Is Math difficult?

Day 1: Introduction to the Module!

Guess the 99th Letter in your Name!
It was an interesting introduction to Dr Yeap's Math module. He introduced himself with a problem that involved his name! How interesting! We were asked to guess the 99th letter in his name using a certain counting pattern and came up with different strategies used to derive the answer. I could not think of any other easier way to solve the problem except for finding the answer using rote counting method.Yes, counting it from 1-99!I was thankful that he did not ask us to guess the letter position that goes beyond 100s. However, he mentioned that even if it exceeded way beyond 100s, it could be easily solved if we could understand the pattern. At this point, I was a little motivated in finding out how to do it myself.
So, after much discussion among peers in class, here are the strategies that they came up with.
1. Look out numbers by 10s
2. Look at consistent repetitive numbers that were '1' or '9'
3.From either method 1 or 2, count up or down till you have reached the 99th letter

I've decided to try it out using my own name.
I have realized that there were no consistent repeated numbers found in any rows.
So, I looked for the number patterns in a row. I have realized that  each row ( only for 2nd -7th row) has an unique alternating differences in between numbers. Like in 'A'(2nd row) the difference from 2 to 14 is 12, 14 to 16 is 2, then it repeated itself by adding 12 to the next number followed by adding 2 for the subsequent number.I can repeat this pattern until I have reached the nearest number to my 99th letter.

Another way is to look at the 1st and 8th (last) row.
The difference between numbers are 14.
As per picture below, i have counted using the 8th row till I have reached the closest number to my 99th letter which is 92. Then I counted forward till 99. Thus, the 99th letter in my name would be, 'M'!

Magic Card Tricks: Spell out the number and the number shall appear
The next problem was a card trick. I have seen this trick a few times before and I remembered a friend sharing how the trick was conducted. He taught me a story similar to the video below and I was not that impressed as I still do not understand how the story was derived and what was the actual 'trick' behind it before 'somebody' came up with stories to make the trick easier to remember.
I was motivated by the idea of solving the trick on my own. It took me quite some time to actually solve it. With the help of friends I somehow manage to grasp a little on the pattern that i have to look out for. I could say that till now i'm still only 90% into perfecting this trick.Pouty