Is Math difficult?

Is Math difficult?

Day 3:Quiz Day


This problem is so common even during my time (not so long ago by the way), but did i noticed the error behind this ordinal question? The usual question that will be asked is " Who is the first in the race?" Can you spot what was wrong with that statement? Well, I thought that question was perfectly fine until Professor said otherwise. He set us thinking just by questioning us back, " How do you know who is the first when the race has not ended? Unless, the question is rephrased as "Who is the first from the finishing line?" Something to ponder..

Question on Patterns- Find the 2013th letter in your name

The different patterning types

What is enrichment and acceleration?
Enrichment: Practising more in depth within the same topic
Acceleration: A different topic that will be covered in a different lesson

like for example,
ABC-ABC-ABC patterning is the acceleration of AB-AB-AB patterning

In fraction,avoid phrases like, "three out of four" unless we are talking about ratios or probability. Use "three fourths" instead.

Dividing Chocolate bar into 4 equal pieces

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