Is Math difficult?

Is Math difficult?

Day 5: Trip to museum, Geometry, Tangrams

Visit to the different museums
We were given an hour to explore the art pieces in the different museums near our campus. First, we have decided to visit the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) however we did not find anything that we could relate much to Math. So we decided to visit the Peranakan Museum after much thought. We found something that we like that we could relate to counting in sets, patterning and addition! It is amazing at how we could craft an art piece into a math problem. So here it goes!

SingaporeArt Museum

Peranakan Museum 

Our chosen artefact

Back in school
We explored once again with tangrams. This time round on the different ways to make a square.

 Apparently, there are ALOT of ways to form a square! and here is our findings!

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